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Свет нового дня  (2008)
Light of a New Day  -  새날의 빛
Track List

01  Свет нового дня
     Light of a New Day  -  새날의 빛

It is an amazing opportunity, listening to this music and this voice, to dissociate from realities of modern life, loaded by stresses, crises, fear of tomorrow, loneliness and heartlessness. This music like a saving island, which you feel yourself beautifully and easy on. (J.Mitchell, Canada)


This is not just a new album; it is an important gain in Artist's creative work. Only you will be able to appreciate and understand emotional warmth, inner power an energy which Vitas put into this work.


The artist created 40 minutes of musical creation "Light Of A New Day" tediously, choosing note by note the best, the strongest and the most sincere things which could be felt with the heart and soul. All Vitas's voice power, all abilities of his light energy filled this work which he called "Light Of A New Day". This is the separate world of music and voice for those who needs emotional protection and an aura of kindness and light, who needs support in this life.

비타스 공식사이트에서 이 앨범의 음원을 무료로 배포하고 있습니다.
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